Artist List

2024 Participating Artists In Alphabetical Order

Loretta Babak – Painting

Harry Branton, Painting

Joe Bruhin – Wood Fired Pottery

Ron Chandler – Painting

Samuel & Jealene Cohen – Herbal Products

David & Becki Dahlstedt – Mountain View Pottery

Dana Finimore – Jewelry, Painting and Sculpture

Doris Fountain – Folk Art and Old World Santas

Paul Gillam, Jr. & Paul Gillam, Sr. – Blue Mountain Woodwork

Eliza Hatman – Clearwater Hat Company

Tom and Sage Holland – Glass Flameworking Beads

Cindy Kopack, Jewelry

Elizabeth Kratochvil -Leather Crafter, EJKs Custom Creations

Jeanette Larson – Weaving

Lewie & Liz Lloyd – Knifemaking and Woodworking

Ed and Jaynie McQuirk Jewelry

Virginia Pharis – Painting

John Perry & Judi Munn, Pottery & Painting

Peggy & Madee Raiees-Dana, Woodworking and Garden Art

Owen ReinWoodworking & Basketry

Maria Smith – Glass Bead Jewelry

Glenda Tooke – Gourds

Terri Thrasher – Painting

Donita Winters – Gourds and Stained Glass

2024 Participating Artists by Media

David & Becki Dahlstedt
John Perry & Judi Munn
Joe Bruhin
Dana Finimore

Dana Finimore
Tom & Sage Holland
Cindy Kopack
Maria Smith
Ed and Jaynie McQuirk (New artists)

Judi Munn
Harry Branton
Terri Thrasher
Dana Finimore
Loretta Babak (Returning artist)
Virginia Pharis (New Artist)
Ron Chandler (New Artist)

Paul Gillam, Jr., & Paul Gillam Sr.,
Liz Lloyd
Mahdee Raiees-Dana

Eliza Hatman – Clearwater Hats

Folk Art:
Doris Fountain

Owen Rein

Glenda Tooke
Donita Winters (New Artist)

Stained Glass
Donita Winters (New Artist)

Knife Making
Lewie Lloyd

Jeanette Larson

Elizabeth J Kratochvil (EJK’s Custom Creations)

Herbal products and Garden Art:
Samuel & Jealene Cohen (New Artists)
Peggy Raiees-Dana

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