2021 Artist List

2021 Participating Artists – Alphabetical Order

Pam Alexander – Wildcat Mountain Studio, Mixed Media Sculpture & Jewelry

Ed Alexander Wildcat Mountain Studio, Photography and Functional Ironwork

Joe Bruhin – Wood Firing

Claire Cresto – Stained Glass

Lisa Crews – Folk Art Pottery

David & Becki Dahlstedt – Mountain View Pottery

Janice Clark – Leather

Doris Fountain – Folk Art and Old World Santas

Paul Gillam, Jr. & Paul Gillam, Sr. – Blue Mountain Woodworks

Tom and Sage Holland – Glass Flameworking

Freda Cruse Hardison – Historian and Author

Blant Hurt – Storytelling and Booksmith

Yun Kim – Painting

Cindy Kopack – Jewelry

Doug and Colleen Kraatz – Stained Glass

Jeanette Larson – Havencroft Farm & Fiber Spinning and Weaving

Lewie Lloyd – Knifemaking

Liz Lloyd – Woodworking

Mark Moller – Painting

Judi Munn & John Perry – Pottery and Paintings

Mahdee Raiees-Dana – Woodworking

Peggy Raiees-Dana – Garden Art

Owen ReinWoodworking & Basketry

Maria Smith – Glass Bead Jewelry

Charles & Linda Widmer – Jewelry

2021 Participating Artists by Media

David & Becki Dahlstedt
Judi Munn & John Perry
Joe Bruhin
New Member: Lisa Crews

Pam Alexander
Tom & Sage Holland
New Artist Cindy Kopack
Charles & Linda Widmer
Maria Smith

Judi Munn
Yun Kim
Mark Moller

Paul Gillam, Jr., & Paul Gillam Sr.,
Mahdee Raiees-Dana,
Liz Lloyd

Fiber Art:
Jeanette Larson

Garden Art:
Pam Alexander
Peggy Raiees-Dana

Folk Art:
Doris Fountain

Stained Glass:
Claire Cresto
New Artists Doug and Colleen Kraatz

Baskets and Chairs:
Owen Rein

New Artist Janice Clark

Photography and Functional Ironwork:
Ed Alexander

Storytelling and Booksmith:
Blant Hurt

Historian and Author
Freda Cruse Hardison

Knife Making
Lewie Lloyd

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