Tom & Sage Holland

Studio 10

QMC Road
Mountain View, AR  

Glass lamp worked bead making, the art of flame working glass, is a fascinating and dynamic thing to see. Sage and Tom Holland are known as some of the pioneers in what is generally called The Contemporary American Glass Bead making movement which emerged in the 1980s. The art of melting glass and creating beads is over 4000 years old and holds a strong meaning in multiple cultures. Tom Holland has a particular interest in recreating the techniques from the ancient past. Tom is known for being an orator extraordinaire while working with the flowing glass. Tom and Sage are active in the International Society of Bead Makers which elevates the growth and quality of the art. Often participating in lecture and workshop offerings at the annual conference. They attend at least one National or International conference a year. Sage has been working as a glass beadmaker since 1987 and Tom since 1988 and are considered some of the top pioneers in the contemporary movement. Tom recently won the international Hall of Flame award. They share their website with their family who are also in the glass arts

Directions to

Tom & Sage Holland

Tom and Sage’s studio is located in the QMC Building  on Sawmill Road just off of Highway 5, 9 & 14 North.  Go East from the square .5 miles to the junction. Turn left  and proceed 4.2 miles on Highway 5, 9 & 14 North to QMC Road.  Turn left onto QMC Road and go one short block (.2 miles) to Sawmill Road where you will turn left . Tom and Sage’s  studio is 100 yards on the right. Look for signs to park.