Samuel and Jealene Cohen – New Artists 2024

Cove Creek Herbals
Artisan Teas, salves and capsules
100 Bickles Cove, Mountain View, AR. 72560
Phone: 972-467-8940 / Website:

Cove Creek Herbals is a small acreage herb farm located 5 minutes from the Square. The fields, woods
and gardens abound with over 26 different herbs that we harvest and/or ethically wildcraft by hand.
These gifts of nature are used to make our products.

They say you naturally gravitate toward what you were meant to do in life. This is certainly true for
Samuel and Jealene Cohen. Growing up, Samuel’s family owned a landscaping business and maintained
a large organic garden in their spacious backyard. This began Samuel’s keen interest in anything to do
with plants. Jealene grew up a military brat and had the privilege of being introduced to teas from
around the world, developing a keen love and interest in teas.

As an adult with degrees in both communications and archeology, Samuel found himself traveling across
the United States as well as internationally. Everywhere he went he seemed to connect with other plant
enthusiasts. Whether foraging with Bedouins in the Negev desert; hiking through sacred tribal grounds
with a member of the Kenaitze Indian tribe of Alaska; or just exploring forests and fields across the
United States, Samuel has always been fascinated with the local herb lore and eager to learn. Though
the years he has attended numerous courses on Botany, Herbology and Permaculture. He has obtained
certification as an herbalist with The Science and Art of Herbalism, is currently working on additional
certifications with Herbal Academy and the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine.

We believe every herb has its own unique impact on our well-being, but today many people have lost
their connection to these wonderful gifts. We love to encourage people to reconnect! Come visit our
small herb farm, greenhouse, apothecary studio, and herb drying room where we can show you how our
herbs are grown, harvested and hand blended in small batches into our artisan teas, salves, and

We are located just 5 minutes from the Mountain View Courthouse. From the Courthouse, go East on
West Main Street for 2.2 miles. At the Chevy Dealership, turn Right onto Hwy 5 South and continue for
another 2.4 miles. Look for a small white house on the left side of Hwy 5 South. Just past this house,
turn LEFT onto Bickles Cove Road (Bickles Cove Road is small and is often confused for a driveway to
Croney’s Tree Service.) There is no street sign marking Bickles Cove, but you’ll see an “Off the Beaten
Path” sign in the ground by Hwy 5. Follow Bickles Cove Road down a short steep hill and the road opens
into the Cove. We are the first cabin on your right. (Wood cabin with a green tin roof.) Parking available
in the driveway and additional parking available further down the hill. Feel free to tour our greenhouse
in the middle of the Cove.