Virginia Pharis, Painting

Oil Paintings by Virginia Pharis

601 Park Street
Calico Rock, AR 72519
Cell: 806-670-6684 Email:

Instagram: v.pharis_art (look for the blue butterfly)

Growing up in the Boston Mountains region of the Ozarks I came to know the value found in observation from a young age as I would often wander the woods behind our childhood home to play. This practice of exploration taught me to slow down and connect with my surroundings, and to view the world through a lens of curiosity. This practice became somewhat of a philosophy, one by which I try to live and the reason behind why I paint. I want my art to tell a story with the goal of inspiring others to pause and connect with their own inner child. I am a self-taught artist, working predominantly with oils on canvas. I love the buttery consistency of oil paint and the slow drying time enables me to push and pull the paint allowing me to play with the medium in a way that’s not possible with acrylics or watercolor. I am currently pursuing a degree in social work with plans of becoming an LCSW, obtaining a post-graduate certification in Art Therapy. I am passionate about mental health and art and aspire to combine these two passions to help guide others toward self-expression using the creative process. 

Directions: After crossing the bridge into Calico Rock, you will turn right on Hwy. 56. You will drive 1 mile before making another right-hand turn onto Park Street just past the Park Street Pharmacy. 601 is located on the left-hand side of the road and is clearly marked. It is a red brick home with black shutters and a carport. The entrance to the studio is located at the backside of the house. Visitors will have to navigate somewhat uneven terrain across the lawn and up 3 steps. Parking is available across the street.