Doris Fountain, Vintage Art

Highway 233, Pineville, AR  72566

Doris lives with her husband Roger in Pineville, AR. Roger is a musician and they share their home and studio with each other and several fat cats.

Her Old World Santas are each a one-of-a-kind creation. She hand crafts each face and paints it by hand. They are made with celluclay, a type of paper mache. She works with a variety of materials, primitive quilts, chenille, tapestry, and many different types of natural materials. Some are very primitive and some are more traditional. She says it is fun to just see where her creativity takes her.

Doris makes her pumpkins in a variety of sizes and colors. They range from orange to brown or green. They vary in size from very small to very large. Her materials are primarily chenille and primitive quilts, with a rustic handpicked stick for the stem. Some are plain and others are decorated with Spanish moss, leaves, berries or flowers. She also makes lots of other folk art creations, like her snowmen, teddy bears, pillows and much more. She would love for you to come by and share some refreshments, visit, and watch her make her creations!

Doris Fountain

Within 1/4 mile of crossing the bridge into Calico Rock on Hwy. 5 you will turn right on State Hwy. 56.  Follow Hwy. 56 through town to the junction of Hwy. 223 where you will turn left to Pineville. Doris’ studio is located on the left hand side of the highway less than a mile from the junction.