Eliza Hatman, Clearwater Hat Company

3890 Gorby Road. Calico Rock Arkansas 72519
870-656-7787 Clearwaterhatcompany@gmail.com

I graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development in December of 2019. After graduation I moved back home to Calico Rock, Arkansas where some family friends reached out about this cool hat company. The previous owners were ready to retire and pass on their knowledge and expertise in the field of hat making. After touring the hat shop and meeting with Kay and Bob Burton in January of 2020, I knew it was something I wanted to explore. I purchased Clearwater Hat Company and interned under them for a few months, learning the intricacies of making custom fur felt hats. With the help and support from my husband and parents I moved the business to my family farm in Calico Rock, right on the banks of Piney Creek.
The previous owners exclusively made and sold period correct historical hats at reenactments all across the United States. Due to the global pandemic I was forced to grow my business online and expand into other styles of hats. Clearwater Hats now include historical hats, cowboy hats, and fedoras, as well as any custom design hat.

You can keep up with Clearwater Hats on Facebook: Clearwater Hat Company,
Instagram: @Clearwaterhatcompany and TikTok: @clearwaterhatcompany

Directions to shop: 3890 Gorby Road Calico Rock Arkansas 72519
(If you use APPLE MAPS it will take you straight to me.)
From Mountain View square take main street to Hwy 5 north to Calico Rock, about 24 miles. In Calico turn right onto Hwy 56, go about a half mile and veer right onto East First Street. Go about another half mile and turn right onto Boswell Road. Go about 2 miles and turn left onto Gorby road. This road is gravel. Stay on the main gravel road for about 3 miles and you will pass a white house with a white picket fence on your right. Veer to the left and go about a quarter mile, you will then go down a very steep hill and cross a low water bridge. The shop is the next driveway after the creek crossing on the left, across from a cemetery. The driveway is a quarter mile long and you will follow it to the end.
In the event of a great deal of rain the low water bridge may be impassable. In this case you will need to come in another direction. Follow the directions to calico the same. Once you turn right n hwy 56 at calico go all the way through town, it is about 6 miles. You will pass a small roadside park on the right and then turn right onto Gorby road. This road is gravel. You will stay on the main gravel road for 4 miles until you reach the cemetery on the left and you will turn right into the driveway directly across from the cemetery. Follow the driveway all the way to the end.