John Perry & Judi Munn, Pottery and Painting

9400 Green Mountain Road, Mountain View, AR
(870) 585-2308 Pottery

John and Judi invite you to visit their pine-covered hilltop property, adjacent to the Ozark National Forest, just down the road from the bike trails. At their studio, they create wheel-thrown functional pottery decorated with colored clay as well as two-dimensional works.

They have three main bodies of clay work. They use wild ferns to decorate a wide variety of dinnerware and serving pieces. A popular whimsical line of work focuses on animal motifs. This includes mugs with sculptures of clay animals as well as hand-drawn decorations. They also make wood-fired pottery in a Groundhog kiln at the Ozark Folk Center where they work. In addition, they have several other styles of work that they are experimenting with.

Judi’s two-dimensional art is a recent addition to the Munn/Perry pottery studio. The paintings are housed in the upstairs apartment. She focuses on animal portraits and Ozark landscapes using traditional media: watercolor, pastel, oil paint, acrylic as well as less conventional use of colored clay on clay tablets. She has cards and prints on hand as well as originals. Talk to her about pet portraits!

Judi and John are members of the Arkansas Craft Guild.


Take Highway 5, 9 & 14 north out of Mountain View.. Continue past Angler’s Resort at Allison. One half mile past Jo Jo’s Catfish House you will turn left on Green Mountain Road and go 1/2 mile up this gravel road. The driveway is on the right and has two mailboxes. If you like, park on the road and walk up the drive or drive up to the house. Parking is limited. From the north, you will come down Highway 5 and pass through Calico Rock. Green Mountain Road is 2.6 miles past the scenic overlook that is on the right near Livingston Creek. At about 2.5 miles from the scenic over look, slow down and look for the large brown Ozark National Forest sign that will be on the left. When you see the sign, turn right there on to
Green Mountain Road and go 1/2 mile.