New Artists Ed & Jaynie McQuick

Studio Number 10
The Vintage Silverwear Company
863 South Bayou Drive, Mountain View, AR 72560
(801 703 0060

We began our journey making our unique jewelry from antique and vintage silverware when someone asked us if we could make a ring out of her baby soon. We owned an antique store at the time and had a few sets of silverware so we researched and started testing it out. I’m good at researching antiques so it was easy to identify the old patterns of silverware. My husband Ed has made his own tools for bending, cutting and drilling. I started to sell bracelets off my wrist at work. We had a few friends that encouraged and mentored us to do shows. We started selling at the Park City Silly market on Sundays and were very successful which led to traveling around the country doing art shows for a living.

We have been in business for about 20 years. My husband and I are both involved in the production of our jewelry. Each of us has input on the creative side and it is constantly changing.
We identify the pattern, the company and the year it was first introduced. Many of our pieces of silverware are over 100 years old.

We have many clients who bring their family silverware to us so family members can have a keepsake of Aunt’s, Mom’s or Grandmother’s silverware as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants or keychains. We work with both silverplated and sterling silver flatware.

Ed and Jaynie are members of the Arkansas Craft Guild.

Directions: From the Court House Square go East on E. Main which becomes Highway 14. When you see the REMAX office ahead of you on the right turn right on South Bayou Drive. Continue on South Bayou for ___ miles. You will see a street on the right (Shipman) and that is where our house and studio are at 863 South Bayou Drive. The studio is located to the left of the house and we will be set up just outside the small studio.