Jeanette Larson

Studio 24

17467 Highway 66
Mountain View, AR 72560

Jeanette started out with crochet and costume design, but found her calling when she began spinning and weaving. Now, using many spinning wheels and looms, she spins yarns from the fleeces of her critters that range from funky to fabulous. Many of those yarns go into the shawls she creates on the triangle looms hanging on the walls. The fleeces not spun are woven into soft, durable, comfortable Fleecyful Rugs.

She believes in craft from the grounds up, and raises her own Jacob sheep, Angora goats, and Llamas. You’ll be able to visit the critters when visiting the studios!

Directions to

Havencroft Farm & Fiber

They are located 2 miles west of Mountain View’s city limit sign. They’re on the south side of the road, the second driveway after Mountain View Custom Butchering.