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Dana Finimore Art
218 Church Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560
Phone 870-269-7912 Cell Phone : 662-910-7075
Email Address: tinroofartist@gmail.com
Website address: danafinimoreart.com
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I consider my paintings a series of reactionary attempts to express myself utilizing the abstract language of imagery, shape, color and line. I am constantly mindful of color and how the use of it expresses emotional energy. My work is a concerted response to nature through color. This doesn’t mean I am trying to reproduce what I see in the landscape, the work is an impulsive act that fulfills my need to create. Compositional explorations are centered in the ideology of finding catharsis of body and mind. I have an innate need to connect with nature in order to center myself. I express the theme of this transformation intuitively. This lends itself to making work that is completely reactive and without preconceived expectations.
Finimore has enjoyed a very diverse career path as a both a visual artist and instructor. Her work includes painting, clay, and small metals. Finimore maintains a busy schedule, showing her work at both group and solo events. She is a member of the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi, the Teaching Artist Guild and the Arkansas Craft School. She is represented by Pacesetter Gallery of Flowood, Ms. Finimore holds a BFA in Painting from Memphis College of Art, and an MFA in Studio Art, also from Memphis College of Art.

Through mixed metal works in sterling, copper, brass and bronze I seek to create tiny
connections to the natural world. As an artist I am filled with endless curiosity. Through my metal interpretations, I hope to inspire others to seek their own connections to nature. In my studio, I heat, hammer, form, and fabricate, manipulating the metal into shapes and textures inspired by wild things, a twig, a feather, the wind blowing across water, or the lichen growing on a stone. There is no shortage of ideas when nature is your muse.

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