owl and moon

Lisa Crews

5363 Meadowcreek Road
Fox, Arkansas

owl and moon

Making art has never been an option in my life. Creating art has been my
purpose since I was a young girl when I realized this is what I am good at,
this is what I want to do, this is what I am meant to do.

I went to college to study graphic design and quickly switched to clay. The
malleability and immediacy of working with clay appealed to me. Then,
there was the long drawn out process of drying, firing, glazing, firing again,
and sometimes firing yet again to a finished piece that I had to learn and

Learn and practice I have! For forty years I have honed the craft and
explored working in a wide variety of processes. I studied ceramics at
Arkansas State University (BFA, 1985), Memphis State University and
University of Delaware, Graduate Studies. I taught public school art for 10
years in Missouri and Arkansas.

During those ‘teaching years’, I learned the time honored methods used to
create Mississippian Native pottery from 500 A.D. -1500 A.D., French
Faience and English Delftware from the 17th and 18th centuries. I have
recreated these styles of pottery for museums, historic sites, and living
history enthusiasts for over 20 years.

In recent years I have begun to focus on making work that is more personal,
using art as an expressive outlet. This redirection has included using a wider
variety of materials in combination, transitioning from ceramicist to mixed
media artist. I use art making to give physical form to my thoughts, feelings,
and peculiar observations. Most of my work is inspired by nature, the
human condition, and our place in the world.

I have created a life of art accepting the sacrifices and celebrating
the joy and freedom of this choice.

I am a contemporary folk artist.

Directions to

Lisa Crews
5363 Meadowcreek Road

Meadowcreek is located west of Fox. Go west on Highway 66 out of Mountain View. Make a left turn at Hwy 263 to Fox then turn west onto County Road 2 behind the Post office and Ball Park complex. Go straight and do not turn off of the road when it turns to dirt right away for approximately 3 miles. Turn left when you get to the bottom of the steep hill at the Big Red Barn. Go approximately one sixth of a mile to the stone triangle wall and turn left where the driveway to the dorm turns off the main Meadowcreek Road. The Address for the studio and other buildings is 5363 Meadowcreek Rd. We have plenty of parking and we have restroom facilities