Janice Clark, Studio #12

Janice Clark, Leather Crafter
Crossed Arrows Trading Co.
119 Gaylor Road, Mountain View, AR 72560
Contact: janbclark1950@gmail.com 

Janice was born with a love of nature  and a creative flair. Always seeking challenges, she traveled out west during the 1990’s and found herself driving draft horses and wintering in Montana. Discovering a small hide and fur shop, she began working with deer, moose, and elk hides. It seemed as if she had always been working with leather. After returning to the South, she continued developing her self-taught skills with a variety of leathers, and creates unique, beautiful, and functional pieces. As leather craft artist at the Ozark Folk Center State Park, her pieces range from tooled belts, purses, backpacks, earrings, Bible covers, and toy horseys, to wine bottle hangers, wrist cuffs, and journals. The creation of her original works will usually be on her mind when she wakes up in the morning. Her advice to people wanting to learn how to make things with leather is simple. Just start where you are and if you are supposed to do this you will continually want to do more. It is that simple. 

Janice Clark