Blant Hurt

Studio 9

Blant Hurt
Storyteller and Booksmith
Fairbourne Publishing
11746 AR Highway 9 South
Melbourne, AR 72556

Somehow, during his early fifties, Blant Hurt, a lifelong flatlander and lover of big cities, was transformed into an unlikely (yet avid) Ozarker. His journey is chronicled in The Awkward Ozarker: A Curious Tale of Self-Reinvention in a Scantily Settled Land… Visit the place where it all started – his so-called decent, little ole cabin up on Highway 9, a place he and his wife call Hogback Mountain. From here, a new world opens to his “true Ozarker” neighbors down at the hamlet of Twin Creek, his prized cave and waterfalls, his wife’s mountain-top garden (and her steadfast preparations for the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it). The Awkward Ozarker gets underneath the surface of this unique little corner of the world, and it’s a book people are talking about. Writing and storytelling can be seen as a way of capturing the moments in our lives. Blant is an enthusiast for writing, and if you’ve ever considered writing your own story in this new era of self-publishing, he’s glad to discuss that with you. Regardless, come share in the world illuminated through his gem of a book.

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Blant Hurt

11746 AR Highway 9 South, Melbourne, AR 72556 (driveway is three miles from Ed Alexander’s Wildcat Mountain on Highway 9; six miles from the bridge at Sylamore)